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"The Role of Retributive Justice in Citizen Evaluations of Government: The Case of China." Journal of Politics, 84.1:602-606 (2022), with Lily Tsai and Sean (Shiyao) Liu.

"How Electoral Integrity Affects Voter Turnout in Democracies." Australian Journal of Political Science (2017), with Fernando Martínez i Coma.


Works in progress

"Intercalibrating Nightlight Data from VIIRS-DNB and DMSP-OLS for Social Science Research." Working Paper.

"Do Responsive Officials or Sanctioning Officials Enhance Tax Compliance? Experimental Evidence from China." Working Paper, with Xiaobo Lü, Lily Tsai, and Ping Zhang

"Clans of Compatriots: Collusion and Competition in an Autocracy," with Quoc-Anh Do, Edmund Malesky, and Kieu-Trang Nguyen

"The Butler Did It: Manufactured Differential in Credit/Blame Attribution in Authoritarian Regime."

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