Tianshan Tianchi (Heaven) Lake,  Xinjiang, China
Minh D. Trinh. Photo: Scott Bauer

Photo credit: M. Scott Brauer

Minh D. Trinh

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

I study the inner workings of durable authoritarian regimes. My dissertation examines the impact of internal misinformation through falsified government statistics, i.e., statistical misreporting on authoritarian governance. My other works investigate the origins of citizens' compliance with authoritarian rule from both the instrumental and normative angles.

I am a Graduate Research Fellow at MIT GOV/LAB and a former affiliate of the MIT Political Methodology Lab. My research has been supported by the Southeast Asia Research Group (SEAREG), the MIT Center for International Studies, the MIT Political Methodology Lab, and MIT GOV/LAB.

I received my B.A. in Government and M.A. in Statistics from Harvard University. Originally from Vietnam, I am also a proud alumnus of St. Joseph's Institution International, Singapore.

I can be reached at mdtrinh [at] mit.edu.